Nicholas Bousbouras is a 11 year old USASA competitive snowboarder from central Massachusetts. The youngest member of the Wachusett Mountain Competition Team whose current national ranking is in the top 5 for Slopestyle and Boarder Cross for his age group.

Nick began snowboarding just shy of his 6th birthday. He had one lesson and then just continued practicing on the slopes with his mom, dad and older sister. He progressed quickly and after just two short months he was able to ride on most terrain! The snowboard and Nick became one and his progression and passion continue to grow for this sport.

After a few seasons of watching YouTube videos of his favorite pro riders, Nick would hit the slopes and try the same or similar tricks. He started to become known as the kid with the orange pants and the snowboarder prodigy around the mountain. After he participated in a couple of open competitions, he caught the competitive bug. And because he rides at a level that is not consistent with typical riders his age he was allowed to join the competition team for the 2014/2015 season even though he was only 8 and not quite old enough to be on the team. Nick is a fearless rider and will tackle any jump, box, rail, or other park features under the direction of his USASA professional coaches.

Currently he has 7 Gold and 2 Silver medals and he plans to add more to his collection. Because he is ranked number one for the USASA Massachusetts Series, he qualifies to attend the USASA Nationals in March at Copper Mountain in Colorado.

Nicholas is looking forward to future competitions and continues to progress. Nick can be followed on Instagram @Nickrides1, Twitter, @nickrides1 or #Nickrides and here on his website

Nick Gondola